Leaking batteries found

A safety bulletin have been issued from cruises.org concerning two water activated lifejacket lights type Jack A1-Alk and Jack ARH-Alk. The bulletin concerns only these two types of lights, due to leaking batteries and therefore declared defective.

The only apparent difference between a non-leaking alkaline battery and a standard alkaline battery is that after it has been activated and the batteries are empty for power, then the standard battery can begin to leak after a short period of time. All the batteries are sealed in a plastic container, the leaking material is contained inside the light and in that form poses no hazard for human beings.

Mitigation plan:

Defective lights will be replaced.

The problem is already solved as all lights today contain leak proof batteries.

Important reminder for storage of automatic lifejacket lights:

Preventive measures must be taken when an automatic light is stored in humid or wet conditions to avoid accidental activation of the light.

Regular inspections are necessary when lights are stored in lockers on deck, especially if they are not of the water tight type. Top layer of lifejackets in lockers on deck must be positioned to shield the lights from water, e.g. back side up and with a piece of plastic to cover all the lifejackets inside the outdoor lockers.

Visual inspection and testing of lifejacket lights should be conducted in accordance with manufacturer requirements/recommendations, as well as SOLAS and LSA Code.

Lifejacket lights that has been found activated must be replaced immediately even though it can be turned off. Except for deliberately activated lights for a few minutes during regular inspection.

We hope with the explanation above and the preventive measures that our customers continue to have confidence in our lights.

Please feel free to contact Alcares ApS directly for any questions regarding leaking batteries or replacement of lights.


Best regards
Thomas Alkjaer
Director of Sales.

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Oelstykke 12-06-2017

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